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Nov 03, 1995 03:23 PM
by bbrown

>To Bee:
>You've answered my questions about what it is to be a theosophist. I
picked so
>many conversations in the middle felt kind of lost and this a nice nut
>version. Any "easier" theosophical" books you might recommend to a person who
>has labored through Isis?
Glad to be of help. I have lately found Guy de Purucker and think he is
mighty. I can understand what he says and often he repeats things in
different words so if I missed it the first time I often get it the next
time. I also enjoyed An Abridgement of the Secret Doctrine by Preston &
Humphreys I also read Rohit Mehta who puts things nicely. There are many
books that suit different interests. I believe that if we are really
interested in a certain idea we will read with much more enthusiasm than if
trying to read something we think we ought to read. I have also just munched
my way through Isis. I loved the vast historical scale of it even if I
missed the point many times.
Welcome to the list. Some of us who are not so intellectually inclined use
High brow Chat as the subject listing for just that a chat about some topic
we like.
Regards Bee.>

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