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Re: To be a Theosophist and know a Master when ya see one

Nov 03, 1995 07:21 PM
by John R Crocker

On 04 199511 Jerry Schueler wrote:

> Keith:<Possible False Expectations of Masters>
> <clip>
> Ann:<Sounds just like Elvis as he pontificated from Memphis and the grand
> stages of
> Las Vegas from which he smiled on his followers like a stupid baby as they
> smiled back. His robes were truly regal and he owned a lot of expensive cars.
> As for magic tricks what could be more magical than making dumb movies and
> getting everyone to pay to see them? His tones were certainly otherworldy
> especially since he was probably flying on drugs a lot. Not just a pop icon
> but a false Master to boot!>
> This demonstrates that you don't have to be an occultist to
> practice magic. What is charisma if not the magical power of enchantment?
> Jerry S.

Jerry ...
Yes! It occured to me years ago when I was reading E. Levi on
Talismans that Madison Avenue *was* practicing pure Talismanic magic -
and quite often a very low form of it. What is the creation of a brand or
product logo other than a delibrate attempt to tie a symbol to a specific
chain of subconscious associations ... that with an intense advertising
campaign will cause that chain of associations to be evoked in consumers
whenever they see the logo?
A particular beer for instance will create its brand name and
logo which are very simple words and pictures meant to make deep
impressions quickly and will then launch a series of TV commercials in
which the beer is linked to a group of carefree 20 year olds with perfect
bodies often linked to expensive cars and other such things ... in
short will create a series of distinct desirable emotional states by
showing others in those states and link it to the beer and the logo. The
beer and its logo then comes to actually represent a particular
*identity* and when those who have had that commercial played at them
for months on end go into a store and look at a shelf full of beer the
associations are evoked upon the mere sight of the logo and people wind
up choosing to buy the beer partially because they want beer but
partially because they are buying that *identity* that is subconsciously
linked to the beer.
This really is Talismanic magic - pursued very successfully and
with the intent of accomplishing exceedingly low motives. To paraphrase
Pogo "We have met the Dugpas and they is us! -:.

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