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Re: Daniel's crusade fwd

Nov 03, 1995 02:39 AM
by Jerry Schueler

Paul:<On the positive side the Cayce material is providing exactly
the grounding in practice that I desperately need after years
of intellectualism.>

You got it right Paul. If you want in-the-trenches practice
you have to go outside the TSs which only provide theory albeit
pretty good theory!.

Paul:<BTW I told Don about Guy the publisher we met at Hector's.
Don de Gracia had a book about OOBEs and science that Wheaton
rejected and I thought maybe Guy would be interested. Was his
last name McDonald? Do you remember the name of the publishing
company? Twelvetrees comes to mind but that's not quite it.>

My memory is the second thing to go Paul and I
can't recall what the first one was. Sorry. But he did say that
he would be joining us here in theos-l. Actually he may be
here lurking or something ?.

Jerry S.

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