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Re: Vajrayana Practice & Theosophy

Nov 03, 1995 06:17 AM
by Liesel F. Deutsch

Dear Eldon

Very interesting post. Got a few comments but only up to item #8.
It's a little long for me.

1. I wouldn't give complete confidence to any guru unless I'd
tested him/her very thoroughly first.

2. The more enlightened the guru is the more he can teach the
pupil. Even so if the guru hasn't gotten all that far yet chances
are he still can teach more than the pupil is able to absorb.

3. I agree

4. I've never made a Bodhisattva or any othe vow. I do like the
Bodhisattva ideal. I have certain inclinations which developed
further through reading living etc.
I feel that if I'm true to myself I don't need any vows.

5. I'm not going to talk for or against sexual activity except to
say that I don't believe in forced abstinence.

6. Agree

7. You talk about divulging secrets to those who are not fit to
receive them. Well who is going to judge their fitness? I think you
can only guess at that. Besides there's an axiom that people will
just pass over whatever they don't understand.

8. Agree & that's as far as I got.

Hi to Brenda


Interesting post

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