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re re animal monad revisited

Nov 04, 1995 02:28 AM
by Jerry Hejka-Ekins

Bee restating Purucker:

>He said that there is also an animal monad in us along with the
>rest of the monads. We are composite beings and the animal monad
>in us now becomes a human monad in the next round or something
>like that. Our present human monad is headed for Dhyan- Chohans
>at that time. He is at pains to point out he is not talking
>about our rupas bodies. Maybe it is the human-animal monad as
>distinct from the animal-animal monad that sort of oversees the
>body and the elemental essences that make it up. The
>animal-animal monad needs a spell as human-animal monad so to
>evolve to human-human monad state then to human-dhyan-chohan
>stage and onwards and onwards. It is a long process like
>billions of years from animal-animal monad to human-human monad.
>To understand something properly I need to convert it into
>simpler terms and that ain't so easy with all this stuff.

Yes you have it right! Congratulations--this is really
hard stuff so I know that you have put a lot of effort into it
and it is paying off. The only correction I have is that the
monads change kingdoms not between rounds but between
manvantaras as a rule but there is an exception which you will
run into later.

Jerry HE

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