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Re: Channelling

Nov 02, 1995 08:10 PM
by Aprioripa

Spirituality actually begins in higher manas or in terms of planes on
the higher mental plane. The assessment as to the devitalizing and harmful
effect of channeling below this level is not based on paranoia or fear but
simply a recognition of what moves forward into freedom and what moves
backward and toward stagnation/slavery.

The goal of the lower channelers is to establish a kama-manas rapport so
as to take prana and they will happily sound "theosophical" or any other way
and say accurate things to do so. This is what is meant when it is said that
truth can be part of the deception. All lower channeling results in a type
of dependency below the level of buddhi-atma and thus works against the
spiritual development of those involved.

In higher channeling from any ashramic source there is no kama-lower
manas involved in the rapport but in order to be able to channel this way
the chela must first have overcome all of the personal limitations of
kama-manas and be Initiate. One does not need to enter an altered or
different state to higher channel - one already has a presence of the higher
qualities and simply aligns with these in complete personal integrity and
spiritual fusion.

An Initiate is consciously immortal and can see clearly the level of
quality of any approaching entity as regards the entire realm of kama-manas.
There is no question as to the source as this can always be verified
directly and an Initiate can be in intuitive rapport with a Mahatma whenever
there is need. There is all the information that is needed already written
on the physical plane to help any of us to be Initiate.

Chela's can and do communicate telepathically but this is done in full
awareness and knowledge of the quality and accuracy of what is being
transmitted. Although it is generally easier today just to write a letter
or send email.

Peace & Light

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