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Nov 02, 1995 08:00 PM
by Donna_Faber

Greetings to all of you who engage enthusiastically in this electronic
conversation. I've seen your correspondence only since yesterday and find it
interesting even overwhelming as when I got in this morning there were
probably 25 messages all containing thought-provoking comments and
conversations on topics that have current impact in my own life and spiritual
path. Your insights and feelings are wonderful. Plenty of this is well over
my head but I plan to do a lot of observing and learning so bear with me if I
sound like a newcomer I am as I get to know each of you. Actually I'm new
to the entire internet world and can only hope I don't waste a lot of time
stumbling around.

I am first drawn to your conversations on gurus or Masters. Particularly
enjoyed the list "Possible False Expectations of Masters" and "Possible True
Expectations of Masters". I never thought to apply a list to that subject.
Has any of you heard of Sathya Sai Baba? Any thoughts or feelings out there?

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