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Re: Channelling Why no psychic?

Nov 02, 1995 04:46 PM
by eldon

Jerry S:

>I *am* trying to pick
>on an idea that Judge promoted to the effect that ALL psychism is
>evil bad and rotten to the core. Thats just plain silly and to me smacks
>of paranoia. I think that Judge did this because during his time too
>many people were getting burned and the theosophical teachings
>were not well known. ... times have changed. Unfortunately those
>theosophists who parrot the "source teachings" still keep on bantering
>this stuff without any first-hand experience.

It depends upon the particular practice that you undertake or that I
undertake. The practice that Purucker teaches is similar to Zen in that
the psychical is seen as unwanted and a distraction from one's inner work.
I'd admit that when one advances to certain point the prohibition against
psychicism does not make sense as various faculties start opening up on
their own. In line *with this particular practice* though we can say
"no psychic stuff!" This does not preclude *other practices* even within
the broader theosophical community where other approaches are taught.
It's not a matter of fear of paranoia nor ignorance arising out of a
lack of experience. Rather it's part of one specific spiritual practice
one theosophical tantra where this prohibition is to be found.

-- Eldon

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