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Ambivalence about Creativity

Nov 02, 1995 08:29 PM
by K. Paul Johnson

Looking again at the TS natal chart for 11/17/75 I see
something that never dawned on me before. That Mars/Saturn
opposition to Uranus I was talking about is one arm of a Grand
Cross the other arm being the opposition of Pluto in Taurus in
the 11th to the in Scorpio in the 5th. End of astrological

What this says to me is that the Theosophical Society's
fundamental purpose is to provide a field of creative
expression for individuals interested in the mysteries of life
and death esotericism etc. Scorpio in addition to ruling
the occult is associated with sex-- which is creativity on the
physical plane. The fifth house rules creativity and children
so this underscores the same emphasis. But the the basic
life urge of the group is opposed by Pluto which is the
surest sign of power struggles. Especially since it is in the
11th house which rules collective progressive endeavors.
To quote Robert Pelletier on this aspect:

..shows that you are defensive when challenged by others. In
competition you may resort to extreme measures to guarantee
winning. You generally assume that your opponent has more
power than you and that your own position is insecure. If it
becomes obvious that you cannot win you may turn your back on
the threat and pretend it doesn't exist. Nothing bothers you
as much as being unsure of a situation...The most persistent
challenge you face is to recognize the right of others to
assert themselves. Unless you allow this you will be
constantly harassed by people who will refuse to support
you...If you tolerate others rather than resent them for
threatening you you will realize that you have the authority
to accomplish your objectives independently.

This rings a certain bell with me. But the main point is that
the Theosophical movement-- not just the TS-- is extremely
ambivalent about creativity in its members. On one hand it
regularly attracts people with creative gifts in a variety of
fields. Then it fosters their creativity encourages them
nurtures them. Then all too often it spews them out when
their creativity becomes a threat to somebody's power. William
Butler Yeats was run out of the TS by some nonentity
complaining about him I think-- JHE is the expert here. The
list is so long from Anna Kingsford to Krishnamurti of people
for whom the come-on was "we welcome you we want you your new
ideas your energy" and the good-bye was "you don't belong we
have no room for you here go away." The Sun-Pluto
opposition seems very symbolic of this.

My own experience has certainly been that the TS fostered and
encouraged my creativity. Grace Knoche was the first person to
suggest that I write about Theosophy 14 years ago. Virtually
every one of the 30 or so periodical pieces I've published was
in a Theosophical journal. And now... Pluto cannot tolerate my
Sun any more. But how can one be resentful when the very
creativity that gets one rejected would never have blossomed
without the support initially given? My own creativity is
mainly in the realm of new ideas rather than research or
writing. It's really weird to have people sputtering now about new
ideas I had in 1989 when I've had 3600 since then! Feels like
a time warp.

This leads back to the empty boats idea or the message
from a good friend that THEY HAVE NO CHOICE but to react this
way. I asked "Why me Lord?" and the Lord answered "It's not
you doofus it's that railroad track you keep standing on!"
The train can't go any other way-- you can.

To close there's a wonderful quote in the Cayce material I'm
working with right now that speaks to all of us who have been
hurt in the Theosophical movement:

Conditions that are disappointments continue to hurt continue
to make for sorrow. Yet if there is held fast to that which
has been given as to the purposes for the consciousnesses and
the awarenesses the entity will know that these are ways
means manners in which the soul the entity may find its way
to its Creator; and are to be looked upon are to be used as
stepping-stones-- not wept over or sorrowed about. But weep
with those who weep and rejoice with those who do rejoice in
the Lord! These will make for the non-effect of the
disappointments the little hurts the little influences that
have become rather as a pall or a shadow and made the entity
in its experience and its use of those become as one doubting
somewhat in self as to the abilities to keep or to hold fast to
that ideal that purpose that desire.

"Weep with those who weep" means to me personally that whatever
hurt I have experienced as a result of my creative endeavors
and Theosophical rejection is THE SAME hurt felt by many many
others who have passed through the same vortex of Sun-Pluto
opposition. And "rejoice with those who rejoice" is the
recognition that for many who passed before this experience
has been a stepping stone rather than a stumbling block as it
can be for me and others who pass through the same portal in the


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