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Re: Praxis and Pluralism

Nov 02, 1995 08:34 PM
by bbrown

>On one hand it is impossible not to agree with Eldon and Jerry
>S.'s suggestion that lack of a specific spiritual practice is a
>weakness in Theosophical groups. On the other hand it is
>equally impossible not to see that imposing such specifics
>would be fatal to the pluralism that they are mandated well
>Adyar at least to sustain.
>Perhaps a happy medium is suggested by the Miami lodge which
>has many different simultaneous activities including various
>practices but also events where people study theosophy per
>se. Ideally theosophical groups would be like a UN of
>spirituality where people have different paths but nourish one
>Is Sy reading? Could you comment on the balance between
>practical and theoretical emphases in your lodge and how they
>sustain each other?
>If Sy is reading many thanks for the newsletter arrived snail-mail. I now
have 02 younger vice-presidents so a bit of brainstorming might be useful. We
hope to be in our new premises to begin 1996 in style.
Regards Bee

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