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Praxis and Pluralism

Nov 02, 1995 05:01 AM
by K. Paul Johnson

On one hand it is impossible not to agree with Eldon and Jerry
S.'s suggestion that lack of a specific spiritual practice is a
weakness in Theosophical groups. On the other hand it is
equally impossible not to see that imposing such specifics
would be fatal to the pluralism that they are mandated well
Adyar at least to sustain.

Perhaps a happy medium is suggested by the Miami lodge which
has many different simultaneous activities including various
practices but also events where people study theosophy per
se. Ideally theosophical groups would be like a UN of
spirituality where people have different paths but nourish one

Is Sy reading? Could you comment on the balance between
practical and theoretical emphases in your lodge and how they
sustain each other?

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