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More Forgiving the Body

Nov 02, 1995 11:12 AM
by Keith Price

Thanks Eldon and Jerry for your comments on the nature of the body mind and
spirit as it encounters karma.
I keep thinking about the word "automatic". Perhaps the bodies ability to heal
itself is that it responds to karma and "automatically" repairs without our
thinking. Its center of consciousness may be elsewhere as Eldon suggests. The
body is connected to some intelligent source as many healers would suggest.

This may be a little off the subject but the thought occured to me as people
where talking about the "automatic" nature of the body and our total nature that
has learned lessons in previous incarnations etc. that we may have a certain
expectation of what it is to be spiritual or even a "Master". This relates to
the the discussion of tantra and zen too in that part of our quest is to "raise"
out consciousness - to be above the desire nature - to shed the body and lower
vehicles.- and another tradition is that of the bodhisattva and nirmankaya that
takes on a special body to aid all sentient beings.

In other words there is an overwhelming feeling of love and devotion directed
toward the Master but hopefully the mental nature will help descriminate
between the real and the false in these issues.

Back to the original point one gets the idea of humanity moving away from the
material to a type of conscious spirituality based on a long round of lessons.
The "automatic" spirituality is yet very conscious I suppose.

I think also of the supposed angelic kingdom as being really subhuman according
to some in that they cannot choose to be anything but good. The are not
individual but a collective lower expression of the will of God according to my
reading of Hodgson and others.

For me the core of theosophy is that we are on a long journey as fragments from
unconscious or preconscious "goodness" to conscious choice between good and evil
and finally to a conscious identity and reunion with the original totality
beyond good and evil.

Perhaps part of my motivation is to take a short cut to nirvana the pratekaya
buddha sort of thing. But isn't it enough to accept and work with the long
process? After my accident I am reminded of Milton's "On HIs Blindness": "they
also serve who only stand and wait."


Keith Price

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