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Re: Channelling

Nov 02, 1995 12:03 PM
by bbrown

>The rendering of the personality and body into a negative unconscious
>state for an entity to possess or use it is *always* wrong. There are no
>exceptions. There are many deceivers and manipulators on the astral plane ...
>Here's a point where we can find agreement. But there are at least
>two exceptions to this that we need to consider.
>Was Cayce unconscious while giving his readings? If so does that
>make the readings wrong when many proved helpful to the people
>they were done for?
>The truth of the matter is that when a person goes in to an altered state
>they can via personal psychometry receive accurate information and even
>possessors can give accurate information - but this is all part of the
>deception. The main issue is that such practices are not always accurate and
>are not supported by the Mahatmas or any Initiate for the reason that the
>rendering of the system into such a state actually takes the person away from
>the radiance in consciousness of their own soul and thereby retards their own
>evolution toward full spiritual consciousness. A Mahatma works in
>cooperation with and through the Higher Self.

Bee here
Excuse me for butting in. Why have the Mahatmas stopped using other persons
as mini messengers these days? Or have they. There actually is some
excellent channeled material around that could have come straight from
Theosophy. As I understand it real channeling is done on the soul level and
has the full co-operation of the channelers soul to pass on to others what
may of importance at the particular time. It is my personality that steps
aside to allow a better flow of energy.
>When Bee mentions channelling and says that she is aware of what
>is going on e.g. she is not in an unconscious state is her
>experience wrong? If she's aware of what is happenning it is
>not a case of possession but more like another form of interaction
>with non-physical beings.
>The personality relationship that is established in such is devitalizing and
>focuses below the level of spiritual awareness. The right goal is for each
>of us to be able to know truth in our own full consciousness and dependence
>on any personality entity works against this. One test for proof would be to
>stop channelling for three years the time for healing and see if the entity
>throws temper tantrums - they usually do. There is never any coercion
>cajoling etc. among those who work with and for the Mahatmas.

Are those remarks from personal experience? That is not how it is for me.
Now that I know the hows and wherefores I only channel on odd occassions if
I get an internal urge to do so and then I can chose to decline without any
feeling of lack of love from the asker. I enjoyed channeling as I found the
energy envigorationg but that does not mean that I am going to do it for
that reason only. I am a sensible woman and always have been and I don't
jump into things so channeling was treated with much caution when it first
occurred. I don't actually think that I channel a Mahatma but I understand
that it is a teaching energy from the Ashram of a Mahatma. I have no problem
with that.
>The Masters may use the personality of a chela but this occurs
>in full waking consciousness and the chela is completely aware ...
>This is what Blavatsky was said to do at times with her Teachers.
>I recall something that Col. Olcott wrote about watching HPB
>in New York when he could tell when KH or M was using her. Is
>the ability to do this highly exceptional or is it something
>more common but just not talked about?

Even lesser energies than a Master can be told apart by the type of energy
felt by the listeners. I do not expect to channel another SD or anything of
that nature but that is not the only influence the Masters spread around.
They don't do it themselves but they cause perhaps their chelas to cause
certain effects by channeling to another soul in the appropriate place. It
does not have to be words that are passed on but energy itself can move
mountains. I have been involved in some powerful energy transfers that are
meant to lighten the general atmosphere at particular points.
I channel 02 different energies now and have done for the past year but again
not very often at the moment. I know which is which by the energy they give
out and so did the group of people involved when it was a group thing.
>As far as I have ever known or seen only an Initiate is able to do so.
>I don't consider myself any other than a soul on her path and I believe
that we are all becoming more sensitive to the vibrations around us and our
materialness is lightening. This is what makes it possible for more souls to
bring the energy from that level into the material level and maybe be more
in touch with teachers on higher planes who can then touch more closed souls
through the ones who can channel or pass on what intuitions come to them
from their higher selves. The New Agers are flying all over the place with
all sorts of other worldly ideas and strange information and again I believe
that is the same reason because the intuition is getting higher plane
information but the interpretation leaves a bit to be desired. The teachings
of the middle way are to give balance to this lightening of the earthly
bodies so that we can think rightly about what we are dealing with and not
rush about with way out theories and get egotistical over the conection with
the higher planes. Many have connected with their higher selves and many
think they have. I guess the trick is to distinguish which is which. Maybe
that is the lesson of our times.

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