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Re: Sin

Nov 02, 1995 03:17 PM
by guru

> Alan
> I don't understand what you mean by "the law of things". I agree with
> you that you can't judge another person's motives & that the concept
> of "sin" is relative but I also think that psychology is a science.
> I can tell some of Chouchou's intentions by
> the way she moves. I also know certain ways from Serge KIng to tap in to my
> unconscious because it works according to certain laws on general
> principle.
> Liesel

Excuse original typo - should read "the laws of things" or
perhaps to put it another way the law within things where
"things" is not necessarily material substance but states of
being etc. - hence psychology as a science would recognise the
laws which operate within the psyche soul. This was one of Jung's
main contributions to psychology IMO. In other words we seem
to agree :-

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