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To be a Theosophist

Nov 02, 1995 10:49 AM
by Keith Price

I would like to respond to the quotation below. I am not sure who said it-

The purpose of "showing off" and "practicing my typing skills" such bitchy
comments by one wanting to be an Adept in a day by posting a lengthy list of
quotes from the Key to Theosophy was to point out that HPB was showing us the
way. Now I see most people rejecting this Path even though it is pure
occultism. "Man know thyself" is reiterated constantly and what greater
power over occult force could there be than from the "knowing" the ability
to "conquer" our lower natures and make then serve us for the benefit of all?
If there was a hint of understanding of the meaning of true Brotherhood you
would see the powerful and occult forces that come into play in Duty Charity
and Selflessness leading to true Self-Consciousness. Isn't this the what the
Masters epitomize? They have their powers because of the above virtues not
the other way around.


I have been thinking about the whole topic of the Masters and what it means to
be spiritual and a theosophist.
I would like to comment on our expectation of what it means to be "spiritual" or
a Master. I am trying to get at the notion that our intuition of buddhic nature
must have an intuitive of superconscious link with one who we deem as
"spiritual". Unfortunately many of my ideas of a spiritual person come much from
the popular culture and childhood that is from school and movies like
"King of Kings" etc.

However one accepts another as a spiritual Master not on authority in the
esoteric traditioin but because of a intimate meeting of consciousness with the
Master on the buddhic or spritiual-intuitive plane. Thus one accepts another
not as Master because letters are "percipitated" or announced as "authentic"
but because one can respond and resonate with an uplifiting force present in the
Master's whole being and communicated on all levels- physical emotional
mental and intuitive etc.

However often people are mislead by the often false charisma of a Jim Jones
David Koresh and a host of gurus out for a buck Rajneesh Moon etc.. Bakti
yoga seems a dangerous thing!

I would like to propose that one has certain inate archetypal expectations or
intuitions about a "spiritual" person or Master.

I would suggest two small lists:

Possible False Expectations of Masters

!. speaks in a lofty distant otherworldy tone
2. wears robes in the modern era
3. smiles like a stupid baby
4. perfoms magic tricks
5. drives more than one luxury car
6. has a band of devoted followers who smile stupidly in his or her presence
7. indulges in gossip and underhanded politics

Possible True Expectations of Masters

1. practices virtues and receives power from them as in above quotation
2. humble
3. says much on own authority without need of an outside organization
4. helps others more than oneself

It would seem that if one connects to a Master's words one needs little
controversial speculation over magic tricks organizational pronouncements or
historical research.


Keith Price

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