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Re: To be a Theosophist

Nov 02, 1995 09:59 AM
by Coherence

If all of you will bear with me while I list some quotes I am attempting to
set the general tone and drift of thought. In messages dated 95-11-01
17:49:46 EST multiple participants have contributed the following:

>People leave theosophical groups after finding
>nothing there that is spiritual nourishing to them

>The general situation though as I see it is
>that theosophical groups lack well-defined spiritual
>practices and it is the lack of such that leads people to
>move on.

>There is no well-defined theosophical practice
>for Westerners to give their whole being to

>recommendation is that theosophical groups carefully
>examine the successful Eastern religious traditions
>and formulate one or more practices for Westerners to
>join that can provide *genuine* training that can
>truly act as an entry to the Mysteries.

>I need to put in my 02 cents worth about this self-sacrifice bit
>because I believe it's overdone in Christianity...I take self-sacrifice to
>that your main purpose in life is to serve other
>people. But I don't think that it means that you need to turn
>into a masochist & continually deprive yourself.

>So that's the way we learn... by moving towards pleasure & away from

>Go be a good girl scout and help old people cross streets
>and then in your next life continue this way and seven lifetimes
>on down the road you will be a Chela and have wisdom and etc.
>This kind of stuff doesn't work on most people. It doesn't work on
>me either. I reject the notion that I have to wait 07 lifetimes or even
>one. I also reject the notion that if I am good I will obtain gnosis
>or enlightenment or whatever you want to call it. Christianity
>tells me that if I am good I will go to heaven. Theosophy tells
>me that if I am good I will have a better life next time around.
>I fail to see much difference in these two views and reject both

>simply is no real theosophical path to tread other than that
>of karma yoga of doing good deeds like some kind of boy/girl
>scout for many lifetimes - which requires more faith than
>Christianity when it says to do this and you will gain heaven.

Needless to say I had a rude awakening this morning as I opened my mail. I
read the various posts containing the above in utter disbelief. Being a
relative newcomer to this list I have thoroughly enjoyed the intelligent
discussion of the teachings of Theosophy with participants clearly
knowledgable and thoughtful on such matters even if I personally disagree
with certain approaches ideas and conclusions. But I had never seen such a
concentrated display of thought from people who seem to have completely
missed the essence of Theosophy.

The purpose of "showing off" and "practicing my typing skills" such bitchy
comments by one wanting to be an Adept in a day by posting a lengthy list of
quotes from the Key to Theosophy was to point out that HPB was showing us the
way. Now I see most people rejecting this Path even though it is pure
occultism. "Man know thyself" is reiterated constantly and what greater
power over occult force could there be than from the "knowing" the ability
to "conquer" our lower natures and make then serve us for the benefit of all?
If there was a hint of understanding of the meaning of true Brotherhood you
would see the powerful and occult forces that come into play in Duty Charity
and Selflessness leading to true Self-Consciousness. Isn't this the what the
Masters epitomize? They have their powers because of the above virtues not
the other way around.

I guess I will continually be amazed at my naivete in these matters i.e.
what being a Theosophist means to many people. But if you will permit there
is a another relevant portion of the Key I would like to quote here:

"Theosophy will gradually leaven and permeate the great mass of thinking
and intelligent people with its large-minded and noble ideas of Religion
Duty and Philanthropy. Slowly but surely it will burst asunder the iron
fetters of creeds and dogmas of social and caste prejudices; it will break
down racial and national antipathies and barriers and will open the way to
the practical realisation of the Brotherhood of all men. Through its
teaching through the philosophy which it has rendered accessible and
intelligible to the modern mind the West will learn to understand and
appreciate the East at its true value. Further the development of the
psychic powers and faculties the premonitory symptoms of which are already
visible in America will proceed healthily and normally. Mankind will be
saved from the terrible dangers both mental and bodily which are inevitable
when that unfolding takes place as it threatens to do in a hot-bed of
selfishness and all evil passions. Man's mental and psychic growth will
proceed in harmony with his moral improvement while his material
surroundings will reflect the peace and fraternal good-will which will reign
in his mind instead of the discord and strife which is everywhere apparent
around us to-day." p.306

All I can say now is Thank You for the insight. I have learned a great deal.

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