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Re: To be a Theosophist

Nov 02, 1995 09:39 AM
by Jerry Schueler

Jerry S.
>First of all what is "genuine training" and who amonst
>theosophists would know it if they saw it?
<Genuine is what has been proven to work in the past with
<other spiritual groups.

Here too we have problems nothing seems to be easy;
have you noticed that?. What worked well in the past or in other
cultures is not necessarily going to work in our culture today. I
am reminded here of James Long who once told me that yoga
as taught in the East is not suitable to our "western constitution."
I had to agree with him. But it can be adopted or changed to
fit in our society or to a particular indivudal. This basically is what
I did for myself. What I am stressing here is the need for
flexibility in any kind of training or advocation of techniques.

Jerry S.

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