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Re: To be a Theosophist

Nov 02, 1995 09:39 AM
by Jerry Schueler

JRC:< The most "Theosophical"
people I know have never studied "occult" doctrines ... but have so fully
internalized the urge to serve that it is automatic and virtually
unconscious ... any situation they are placed in finds them asking the
question "what can I *do* for the people here; what do they need?" Very
few people need to know what damn planetary chain we are on. And these
people if they entered a Theosophical lodge in the middle of a study
session on the SD would certainly listen ... but would also notice
instantly if another member was deeply hurting with a soundless pain ...
and their minds would wander off the subject of the SD and dwell on what
they could do to *aid the person* considering philosophy always
secondary to service. >

While what you say here has a lot of merit I question your
definition of "theosophical people." While this could be true for
theosophists and it depends on your definition it is not true for
Adepts. I personally favor Tibetan Buddhism and generally tend to
interpret theosophical writers and teachings in line with this
rightly or wrongly. Anyway Tibetan Buddhism teaches that means
i.e. doing good and caring about others only takes us so far.
Wisdom is also needed. And wisdom alone is also not enough.
The two together wisdom and means are required to progress
on the Path. Sometimes these two are personified as a male and
female in sexual union gasp! but the idea is that the two must
always go together. Later in your essay you do talk about the
need to express any wisdom learned in service to others and I
certainly agree with you .

Jerry S.

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