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Re: RE: obsolete words

Nov 01, 1995 10:51 AM
by Richtay


Scholars today put Jesus' birth in the spring or summer judging by various
things he says about sowing and reaping etc. It is a guess. What seems
sure is that Jesus could NOT have been born in Dec because if you've
ever been to Israel it is butt-ugly cold there that time of year and Luke
has shepherds watching their flocks at night. Maybe but not in DECEMBER.
Rather the Christians took as bad a guess at the date of birth as anyone
else and assimilated it to traditional Pagan dates for the births of their
savior gods Mithras etc. All savior gods in the middle east are born just
between the winter solstice usually Dec 21st and the actual New Year
Jan 4th.

I also made a mistake HPB puts Jesus' death at 86 B.C. not 76 as I
erroneously stated because the Jews record a Yeshua Rabbi being put to death
under Alexander Janneus whose reign was something like 103 to 83 BC or
something. The actual Herod under whom Jesus was supposed to be born never
put to death babies as the Bible says.

However Alexander Janneus was well-known to have killed thousands of
"innocents" which was the old name for Initiaties of the Mysteries because
they were "as babes new-born." Initiates threatened his despotic reign.

> >Something NEEDS to be done
> >or only scholars will be able to read and appreciate our Founders' works.
> >1 NO MATTER WHAT we should keep track of original manuscripts . . .
> >2 We should also begin considering works like Jerry H-E is suggesting
> >"edited" versions meaning that we will add a gloassary in the back or
> >footnotes or whatever . . .
> >3 We should begin preparing sophisticated introductory courses that
> >take people from the street as it were assuming NO BACKGROUND
> .
> These are worthy points. My only question is who is "we"? Who are the
> that are going to do all the work and where is the money coming from to do

"We" are all of the Theosophists interested in such a project and if there
were political will and ULT Pasadena and Adyar combined forces and $$$ it
would be a snap. I for one am willing to put my time energy and money where
my mouth is. But I have no delusions as to my own competence it would take
a board of 08 or 10 people at least ! to pull off such a revisionist
project. I wonder if we could drop the sectarianism long enough to actually
WORK TOGETHER for a sustained period rather than just exchange niceities ...


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