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obsolete words

Nov 01, 1995 11:57 PM
by Jerry Hejka-Ekins

Bill Parrette writes:

>As a member of the TS for the past five years I certainly
>have had the inclination to write such material myself.
>However in that five year period I have been struggling to
>learn the basics from those poorly written educational materials
>that use all of those undefined obsolete words all over the
>place with very little success. Even if I had the time these
>days which unfortunately I don't I have no where to turn
>to no one to turn to except this list -- which at times can
>be very useful to get me started on such a project which I
>agree is sorely needed.

Not only are most of them poorly written but they are full
of errors of fact mis-quotes incorrectly attributed quotes
confused explanations of teachings incorrect explanations of
teachings and terms incorrectly used. With the above in mind
I'm surprised that you even noticed an obsolete word. Speaking
of obsolete words I'm still waiting for a list of those words
from Eldon and Rich and from you if you have one.

>Jerry mentioned in a reply to one of my previous posts that he
>had an introductory course available. Is the one mentioned
>here another one? What ever the case I eagerly look forward
>to looking over the course as well and will always be on the
>lookout for other "course material" on Theosophy that we can
>use in our little Study Group here in Cincinnati.

The introductory course I mentioned has been available since
1990 through Quest Books in Wheaton Theosophical University
Press in Pasadena or through us. It is a 72 minute video with a
146 page study guide. The cost is $24.95 through us:

Nautilus Books
P.O. Box 2803
Turlock CA 95380

We also have another course under development and will make
general announcements when it is ready.

Jerry HE

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