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Re: Daniel's crusade et al.

Nov 01, 1995 10:51 AM
by Richtay

In my opinion this kind of PERSONAL exchange is damaging to Theos-L and
promotes hard feelings seeking to galvanize "support" over and against an

Especially considering that historical discussions should take place on
Theos-roots this virulent cycle of posts should certainly not be posted to
Theos-L and I resent being subjected to an apparently personal battle.

If we are going to discuss the BOOKS written by Mr. Johnson and the IDEAS
and ASSERTIONS contained therein let us do so on Theos-roots. If we are
going to be treated to a series of "here's what so and so did to me lately" I
must strongly PROTEST over this abuse of public space.

> On an unrelated matter sorta please be advised that any
> unfriendly and unsoliticed email from listmembers will
> henceforth be forwarded to the list.
I would like to suggest that posting private e-mail to a public list is quite
questionable morally particularly if the motive is to embarass. I am
offended and believe that permission should always be sought and granted
before anything personal is given to others.


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