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Re: Creators - a synchronicity

Nov 01, 1995 08:08 AM
by Jerry Schueler

Liesel:<Please explain to me your reasoning as to why mind isn't an external
creator. It's one thing that just isn't clear to me. Mind to me
has to exist within some entity. Where is it if it isn't part of
a creator?>

I am confused a bit by your post. My point and the gist
of the quotes was that mind IS the creator of everything rather than
some god like Brahma or Jehovah. Cosmic Mind exists in Mahat
just like our minds exist within us.

HPB's Secret Doctrine and other of her works suggests
that external god-like beings called Cosmocrators Builders Manus
Pitris and so built all of the globes of our planetary chain for us to
live on. Mahayana Buddhism rejects this idea and says that the
external worlds are all mind-created from the collective karma of
humanity. I am not saying that HPB is right or wrong here only
trying to show that she differs from Mayahana Buddhism on this

Jerry S.

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