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Re: Creators - a synchronicity

Nov 01, 1995 10:51 AM
by Richtay

Jerry S.:

> HPB's Secret Doctrine and other of her works suggests
> that external god-like beings called Cosmocrators Builders Manus
> Pitris and so built all of the globes of our planetary chain for us to
> live on. Mahayana Buddhism rejects this idea and says that the
> external worlds are all mind-created from the collective karma of
> humanity. I am not saying that HPB is right or wrong here only
> trying to show that she differs from Mayahana Buddhism on this
> point.
Jerry I hate to harp on this Mahayana deal but in fact what does it mean
that the worlds are "mind-created" because of Karma? Whose are the minds
that built this cosmos? Certainly not my mind as I presently know it.

Yet if in fact we are all emanations from high spiritual forces then
COLLECTIVELY we and much higher mind-beings cooperate through karma to
produce spiritual mental and astral energies that eventually condense into
the world-stuff. She does not protray them as "external." How are we
different from the Manasaputras? We are simply more embodied and more
deluded than they but the same mind-stuff in principle.

I see absolutely no difference between what you stated re: HPB and re:
Mahayana. HPB simply gives the names of the mind-beings who are primarily
responsible and this different classes. Esoteric Buddhism Vajrayana does
the same.

The Brahma-jala Sutra describes this universe as created by the first
mind-being to be born in the Abhassara realm after descending from a
luminous non-manifest form. He is the first mind-being in the MANIFESTED
universe and so goes abot creating. Other beings soon appear and the world
condenses gradually do to their actions and desires.

The same story is repeated with more info in the Aganna-Sutra. Both of
these are THERAVADA works which the Mahayanists accept and expand upon.


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