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Re: To be a Theosophist

Nov 01, 1995 03:06 PM
by eldon

Jerry S:

>>My recommendation is that theosophical groups
>>carefully examine the successful Eastern religious traditions
>>and formulate one or more practices for Westerners to
>>join that can provide *genuine* training that can
>>truly act as an entry to the Mysteries.

>The problem with this approach is that it smacks
>of becoming "halls of magic."

It depends upon what is being taught. It doesn't have to
be an academy for the occult arts.

>First of all what is "genuine training" and who amonst
>theosophists would know it if they saw it?

Genuine is what has been proven to work in the past with
other spiritual groups. Less genuine but still useful is
what seems promicing but has not been tried before.

>Raja yoga is probably the best vehicle but even this is tricky.
>I use and like kundalini yoga but can't recommend it to
>others because of the dangers involved.

There are many possible paths that could be formulated.
Some are more gradual and some are more direct intense
and for the strong of heart. I'd favor those that deal with
the mind and spiritual nature and avoid practices that
involve the psychical and out-of-the-body experiences. On
the other hand several theosophical schools could be
formulated each of possible benefit or detriment if not
done right to those it appeals to. There might be certain
formulations that appealed to the natural-born psychic.

>I agree with you in principle. Maybe you can come up with
>some feasible methodologies?

This is a big task and involves an overhaul to our way
of thinking as members of theosophical groups. It could
take centuries to do. But it's highly valuable I think
and it would certainly make an important topic for 'theos-l'.

-- Eldon

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