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RE: obsolete words

Nov 01, 1995 06:02 AM
by Ann E. Bermingham

>Those who DID know that did not realize that we have dated Jesus' birth
>though all Biblical scholars now date Jesus' birth between 07 and 02 BCE. Of
>course we know HPB puts Jesus' death at around 76 BCE but that is another

Any guess as to what month day and time as well?

>Something NEEDS to be done
>or only scholars will be able to read and appreciate our Founders' works.

>1 NO MATTER WHAT we should keep track of original manuscripts . . .

>2 We should also begin considering works like Jerry H-E is suggesting
>"edited" versions meaning that we will add a gloassary in the back or
>footnotes or whatever . . .

>3 We should begin preparing sophisticated introductory courses that will
>take people from the street as it were assuming NO BACKGROUND >KNOWLEDGE. .

These are worthy points. My only question is who is "we"? Who are the "we"
that are going to do all the work and where is the money coming from to do it?

- ann

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