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Re: Groups

Sep 25, 1995 09:41 PM
by Brenda S. Tucker

>Yeah. But the effect needn't have very much to do with the intent
>behind it... looking for the actual results of one's actions helps
>one gauge how intelligently one has *applied* one's intent. I don't
>know about you, but I've done lots of things which have had results
>I neither expected nor wanted. Maybe I'm locked in some kind of
>perceptual trap, but I have the feeling that if I don't keep looking
>out for the reality of what things I do actually accomplish then I'll
>never gain that understanding of natural laws to begin with. I'm not
>(I hope) going to pretend I have understanding of them when I don't
>yet. Why do people like to try to appear perfect beforehand (other
>than as a tantric practice)? Seems quite stupid to me. They'll just
>be caught out eventually and maybe lose the opportunity to learn in
>the meantime.

Hi David!

I don't think any of us appear perfect. Correct me if I'm wrong. HPB and
other writers may have sometimes appeared perfect because they didn't really
write about their personal lives that much. They just wrote about the
teachings and in that way we were all humbled because we aren't as easily
removed from our personal lives.


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