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Re: The latest censorship

Sep 25, 1995 09:55 PM
by Eldon B. Tucker

Ann B:


>Control of the forum? Your obnoxious attitude in this post and past posts
>shows a blatant wish to control others.

>If you don't like what Brenda, who IMHO is a very intelligent person, has to
>say, than you'll just have to live with it. Just like the rest of us have to
>live with your inflammatory posts.

The historic discussion was voluntarily moved to theos-roots, so that those
that don't want to read it could have a way to avoid it by only subscribing
to theos-l. This was a compromise that was arrived at.

Brenda saw a posting of Rich's and thought "not more of this stuff!" and
responded to it, not noticing that the posting was from theos-roots. She
replied against it. Rich saw Brenda's message and replied with something
like "this is our place, don't come here too and tell us to not discuss
the subject". He apparently thought that Brenda was trying to dictate what
appears on theos-roots, when Brenda had thought she had read something on
theos-l. Both Brenda's initial posting was mistaken and Rich's response
to it was mistaken as well.

>As for CWL, he lived, made his mistakes, accomplished a great deal and died.
>I would hope we could have a calm, intelligent discussion of those historical

Agreed. Let's not get upset. We have much better things to write about
than how angry we are at things we don't like. We should forget what does
not appeal to us, and be motivated by that which we find useful.

-- Eldon

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