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Re: Groups

Sep 25, 1995 00:50 AM
by Lewis Lucas

Liesle wrote:
> Dear JRC,
> You sound like the disillusioned young person I once was.

Lewis: We all wrestle with this "divine discontent" don't you think?

Liesle:>... And if it can accomplish that, let the
> organization be a bit cockeyed. Let it go where it will,

Lewis: This reminds me of a statement in one of the Mahatma letters
which advises we judge an organization by its *motives* and not by
what it manages to accomplish. In another place they say we should
not be attached to results. I think they even go so far as to suggest
that if one looks for results it is (to use a British witicism)
rather bad form, because it shows a lack of understanding of the
natural laws. Ever cause MUST have its effect.

> long as it somehow manages to nourish the stream in which the
> seekers can explore & find, and having found, perhaps add
> their own imprint to it. The vision is that we'll find unity in
> our diversity. That each person and/or group (including other
> forms of life besides human) will add their distinctive note to
> the universal symphony. The thing is we all need to come more
> out of Maya and learn to discard the dross. But I think we're
> doing that, over the thousands of years. Here we are discussing
> types of organizations. Well, maybe we're learning. No, not
> "maybe", we *are* learning how better to work together. (isn't
> that one of the things we're perhaps learning via computer as
> well?) And I think the Ancient Wisdom is a good guide, if one
> can understand & utilize it, in one of its many forms.
> I hope that what I wrote here is somehow meaningful to some of
> you, other than myself.
> Shalom,
> Liesel

Lewis: It was meaningful to me.

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