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astrology and the origin of evil

Sep 25, 1995 09:33 PM
by Brenda S. Tucker


Glad to have you back for awhile! I enjoyed your post re: the chart of CWL,
and wonder if you have had any exposure to Sabian Symbols. I would love to
correspond with someone who has read about these and wants to compare what
they know. I believe the only author who considers them besides Dane Rudhyar
is Mark Edmund Jones.(?)

There is a symbol for each degree of the Zodiac and degree is the degree
forward to where the planet is. For instance, 9 degrees 10 minutes would
land the planet on the 10th degree for interpretation of the symbol on the
10th degree. I was only able to borrow books on this subject from Sarah
(Remember IXCHEL?). So far I haven't purchased any.

Sarah may be returning soon from Austria where Astrea and Paul live. I
wonder if she was able to meet or speak with them. She has a friend and
business associate who lives there after their working together for 10 years
in Mexico and U.S. making clothes. Renee's little boy was friends with my
daughter, Galina. I sure hope some of these people return to theos-l.
Perhaps if we invite them back they'll get word of it and join us again.
It's nice to take a little break once in a while.


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