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Re: theos-roots and censorship

Sep 21, 1995 05:30 PM
by Eldon B. Tucker


>Having the seperate lists is a wonderful thing that
>would allow us all many more options if they began to be used. Probably
>most people would subscribe to all of them, so the discussions probably
>wouldn't be hampered ... but for those that really did have no interest
>in one area (or *only* had interest in one area), selective membership
>would be an option. Further, it would allow those who were active posters
>in one area but not very active in others to use the "digest" option for
>some lists but not for others.

There's really no conflict with the status quo, if people decide to
start posting to theos-buds and/or theos-roots instead of theos-l.
I would still try to make a strong case for theos-l remaining the
general discussion list, where there is at least one place where there
is completely unrestricted discussion. Restrictions by either topic
(don't write about that on this list) or by opinion (we can write about
that -- except for so-and-so whose ideas are not liked) should be avoided.

>This didn't make much difference until recently, but (IMO) the list seems
>to be in the middle of a phase shift, and has suddenly become extremely
>active ... hence perhaps posting to the different lists (rather than
>keeping everything on theos-l) would be a timely thing to do.

The explosive growth in the list is because the large number of postings
are self-sustaining in the sense that they generate an on-going volume
of participation.

-- Eldon

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