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Theos-roots and censorship

Sep 26, 1995 02:30 AM
by Jerry Hejka-Ekins

Eldon Wrote:

>As we get bigger and bigger, we may start to choose to post topics
>and have discussions on side lists in order to better follow them,
>so that our discussions aren't lost in hundreds of unrelated
>messages. But this is something that will arise naturally and
>voluntarily as we continue to grow, and is not the result of
>structure being imposed upon us because someone does not like a
>particular topic.
>-- Eldon

 As I read your entire post (the above is only your concluding
paragraph), I'm left with the impression that you are saying that
everything will take care of itself naturally. My crystal ball is
on strike this week, so I don't know if your prediction will come
out or not. At any rate, as long as others do not try to structure
those they do not agree with, then that is fine. If the change to
"side lists" grows out of the present discontent (which I think is
more likely), then we all need to take responsibility, not just
those who annoy the status quo. I hope you prediction is right--it
sounds more pleasant.

--Jerry HE

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