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What is New Age?

Sep 21, 1995 07:36 PM
by Daniel

New Age sampler...

New Agers generally do one of two things with the teachings
of Jesus. Some merely reinterpret the gospel sayings of Jesus
to make it appear that Jesus was actually teaching New Age
"truth." Others add that long-lost (New Age) sayings of Jesus
have been rediscovered. These "rediscovered" sayings can have one
of two sources: reputed ancient extracanonical writings (like
the "Gnostic gospels" which were allegedly suppressed by the
early church and rediscovered at Nag Hammadi in 1945) and the
Akashic Record.

Let us now consider samplings of each of these.

The Gospel Sayings of Jesus. According to New Agers, we
must all seek first the kingdom of heaven (Matt. 6:33),
recognizing that the "kingdom" has reference to our inner
divinity.[31] For indeed, Jesus said "Ye are gods" (John 10:34).
The parable about those who foolishly build a house on sand
(Matt. 7:24-27) teaches us that those who fail to recognize their
divinity will not be able to stand against the storms of
life. But if we come unto Jesus, we will find rest, for his
yoke (i.e., _yoga_) is easy and his burden is light (Matt.

"Newly Discovered" Sayings from Extracanonical Sources.*
Jesus taught a form of pantheism according to The Life of Saint
Issa, for he said that "the Eternal Spirit [God] is the soul of
all that is animate." He also taught that all humans have
unlimited potential: "I came to show human possibilities....that
which I am, all men will be." And, according to the Gnostic
gospels, Jesus spoke of "illusion and enlightenment, not of sin
and repentance." Indeed, man can save himself: "If you bring
forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save

"Newly Discovered" Sayings from the Akashic Record.*
According to Levi's Aquarian Gospel, Jesus was just a
way-shower: "And all the people were entranced, and would have
worshipped Jesus as God; but Jesus said, I am your brother man
just come to show the way to God; you shall not worship
man." Jesus also taught pantheism and monism: "The
universal God is one, yet he is more than one [i.e., he takes
many forms]; all things are God; all things are one." Jesus
also tells us that "the nations of the earth see God from
different points of view, and so he does not seem the same to
every one."


A Christian response to the New Age rendition of Jesus may
begin with the observation that the accounts of Jesus going East
have irreconcilable contradictions. This fact alone should make
any objective investigator suspicious of the reliability of these
documents. This list has revealed some of these problems.

Each of the accounts differ, for example, regarding the
beginning of Jesus' trek. The Life of Saint Issa portrays Jesus
departing secretly from his parent's house with some merchants on
their way to India so he could perfect himself by studying the
laws of the great Buddhas. Levi's Aquarian Gospel depicts
Prince Ravanna from India asking Jesus' parents if he can escort
Jesus to India where he can learn Indian wisdom. Cayce's reading
of the Akashic Record has an Essene teacher sending Jesus to
India to study astrology and other psychic disciplines.

What is particularly revealing is that both Cayce and Levi
allegedly obtained their "revelations" by reading the Akashic
Record, yet their readings blatantly contradict each other. Since
both Cayce and Levi are highly respected in New Age circles, how
do New Agers account for the obvious failure of at least one of
them to properly "read" the Akashic Record?

I'll press on with more...but I have spent too much time on these
last two posts...I shall return.


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