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Re: theos-roots and censorship

Sep 21, 1995 10:42 AM

Dear Jerry,

I think you've got a point, even though I'm not really
interested in most historical dialogue. I like to live in the
here & now, & I like to read material useful for the here &
now. However, I can see that it's hard to sift out where to put
what. I for one would be willing to have most everything appear
on theos-l, with 2 provisos: 1.) that what you post is really
historical & not hysterical. 2.) Since you're talking about
being "truly democratic" that includes, as is also stated in
the theos-l rules, consideration for the other fellow's
feelings. Just for instance, someone just a few days ago said
something that indicated that Adyar is old hat. Adyar happens
to be in full bloom, & putting out more blossoms every day, and
what's also to the point I'M A MEMBER OF ADYAR. This also goes
for what's been expressed on this list time and again which
goes something like "well Annie Besant or Leadbeater wrote
that, so we'll just discount it.". To me, & to many others, AB
& CWL are role models & it doesn't feel good to have your role
models talked about disparagingly. Unless provoked, which I am
right now, I wouldn't dream of saying on this list that I find
"The Ocean of Theosophy" and the pamphlets of Elsie Benjamin
dull reading. But if I respect other people's reverence for WQ
Judge and Elsie Benjamin, I expect other people to respect my
feelings for Annie Besant and CWLeadbeater, my role models.
Under those conditions, I'll say ok everybody use theos-l. If
not, then lets divide it up into different sections.


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