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Re: theos-roots and censorship

Sep 21, 1995 04:21 AM
by John R Crocker

On Thu, 21 Sep 1995, Jerry Hejka-Ekins wrote:
> Ever since these divisions were made, only theos-l gets any
> significant use. Theos-news comes in at a very distant second
> and I don't remember the last time I've seen anything come over
> theos-buds. If we are to break theos-l into categories, then
> let's be consistent about it. ALL historical discussions should
> go to theos-roots: that would include Alan's posts on Christian
> Origins; Dan's, Paul's and my posts on source theosophy; any
> discussions concerning Blavatsky's, Judge's, Crosbie's,
> Purucker's, Leadbeater's, Besant's, etc.'s historical role in the
> Theosophical Society; etc. I think this would make theos-roots a
> very busy place. Further, ALL discussions on fundamentals should
> go to theos-buds. That would include Eldon's monologues on
> theosophical teachings; Eldon's and Jerry S.'s discussions on
> globes and principles, Brenda's S.D. posts, etc. I think theos-
> buds would be a busy place too. Finally, ALL announcements of
> new journals and books, upcoming conventions and gatherings, and
> reports concerning the same would go to theos-news. Now that
> leaves theos-l with a lot of room for Daniel (unless you want to
> set up a theos-christ for discussions on theosophy and
> christianity); many of Art Patterson's general discussions; and
> occasional inquiries from such people as our new correspondent
> from Kiev.
> What I'm saying is if we are going to have these
> departments, then let us use them in the spirit they were
> created. If Rich should go to theos-roots, then everyone else
> should also go to their respective departments also. Let's all
> go where we belong or all stay here on theos-l. Any halfway
> measures is hypocrisy and censorship.

I agree completely. Having the seperate lists is a wonderful thing that
would allow us all many more options if they began to be used. Probably
most people would subscribe to all of them, so the discussions probably
wouldn't be hampered ... but for those that really did have no interest
in one area (or *only* had interest in one area), selective membership
would be an option. Further, it would allow those who were active posters
in one area but not very active in others to use the "digest" option for
some lists but not for others.

This didn't make much difference until recently, but (IMO) the list seems
to be in the middle of a phase shift, and has suddenly become extremely
active ... hence perhaps posting to the different lists (rather than
keeping everything on theos-l) would be a timely thing to do.


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