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Re: It began with Cayce

Sep 13, 1995 00:16 AM
by K. Paul Johnson

According to Jason:
> Boston to study theology. The day I arrived in town via bus, it was like
> I was coming home. I couldn't believe the feeling of peace that
> surrounded me once the bus was in the Back Bay area. At the time I had no
> idea where I was. For the entire year I was there, there was there
> tremendous sense of having been there before. I KNEW what was inside
> building before I ever entered them.
This kind of experience has struck me both in France (vividly)
and India (diffusely). What you don't mention is a certain
parallelism or overlap that I think is a key part of the
experience. Boston was to be a highly significant place in
your life in THIS incarnation, and it appears to have been in
some OTHER incarnation. Just as in my French and Indian
experiences, returning to the scene of one's previous lives
(assuming that's what caused the deja vu) seems to unleash some
creative changes in the present one. You meet yourself in a
whole new way. It would seem you've never been able to shake
off a sense of a whole other level of reality, ever since that
Boston year, n'est-ce pas?

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