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Re: "How DO we see the Masters?"

Sep 13, 1995 00:24 AM
by K. Paul Johnson

According to Eldon B. Tucker:
> I'd consider each psychological slant on the Teachings to be like
> the blind men feeling the elephant: one feels a leg and pictures
> a trunk, another the trunk and pictures a snake, etc. A certain
> perspective to Theosophy initially appeals to us. We need, though,
> to see things from the other perspectives too, in order to eventually
> get a unbiased view of the Teachings, to get a standpoint that is
> not personality-centric. This doesn't mean putting down any one
> approach, but somehow achieving a unified personal approach that
> embraces all the different slants.

What was surprising and uplifting about the failure of my
little exercise was this sense of aiming for a unified
approach. That is, when asked to select thinking, feeling or
intuition, introverted or extroverted, as the main way they
approach the Masters, no one was ready to do so. All
acknowledged that their own approach partook of several
functions. But more than that, there seemed a general
acknowledgment that we should all strive for a balanced
approach to the topic that would as you say "embrace all the
different slants." We can learn from one another's diverse
outlooks as a means of approaching the integrated state.

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