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Sep 12, 1995 00:20 AM
by Brenda S. Tucker

>You mention that "Where Buddhism and theosophy part
>company is the theosophical teaching about all of the other
>monads - the human monad, the animal monad, and so on."
>I am not aware that HPB teaches anything other than THE monad, meaning
>usually Atma-buddhi as the imperishable individuality throughout the
>manvantara. That monad may be experiencing embodied life through the vehicle
>of a human, an animal, a vegetable, etc. but it is the SAME monad throughout.
>They are not different monads, just experiencing different kinds of
>I have occasionally seen HPB use the term "astral monad," meaning I think
>that lower manasic seat of the personality, which forms a "unity" (monad) for
>one lifetime only. It is not THE monad of the Secret Doctrine.

Oh, you should see the way Purucker gets quite liberal with "monad" -- if
you ever get around to that kind of reading.

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