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Sep 12, 1995 04:04 AM
by Richtay


your last post was very confusing and unsettling for me.

> Perhaps the soul is
> another life form which benefits greatly by aiding us, but then when we are
> capable of living without it and a more direct line of transmission from
> Monad to the Personality takes place, where does this being that was our
> soul go to? Does it repeat this work somewhere else in the universe?
I never understood that Theosophy teaches we HAVE a soul, rather WE ARE THE
SOUL. ("Soul" here in HPB's sense of human soul or MANAS) The soul "goes"
nowhere, I would think, because it is simply a mode of consciousness, and it
is everywhere, i.e. there were are.

Or do you mean a soul besides Atma-buddhi-manas? I am not aware of what
"soul" then might mean.

Again, you write,

> In Buddhism, doesn't the soul or the buddhic vehicle pop
> when it is no longer needed?
Buddhism, to my knowledge, doesn't teach a vehicle called "buddhi" exactly,
but rather that we have several temporary aspects to ourselves (skandhas),
and then Absolute consciousness. The skandhas don't "pop" or go away, they
are simply our vehicles in manifestation. If we cease to meanifest at all,
i.e. enter into Nirvana, then they cease to operate until we manifest again.
 They never disappear entirely if we are manifested, but they may be
perfectly purified.


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