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Re: living traditions

Sep 12, 1995 04:25 AM
by K. Paul Johnson

According to
> Liesel, in all honesty I don't understand what you are writing. We may
> indeed change Theosophy, but that is because we don't reallly understand it
> and so we dilute it. The Masters are not so deluded as we are, it would
> seem, and preserve the teachings perfectly. How can one and the same thing
> be changeless and still change?
> Rich
While not posing as one who knows what Liesel intended, I can
offer an answer to your question. One and the same thing is
not at issue here. What changes is human understanding (adepts
being no exception); what doesn't change is the essential workings
of the cosmos. In the former sense, there are many theosophies;
in the !atter sense, there is only one. In my view (and regardless of how much
chapter and verse you can muster on this) it is a category
error to treat the verbal formulations of HPB, her teachers or
anyone else as equivalent to the transcendent truth. The
Theosophy that is unchanging is not something that is or can be
contained by words. If you treat any particular attempt to
formulate Theosophy as if it were Theosophy itself, you mistake
the finger for the moon.

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