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Re: "source teachings"

Sep 12, 1995 07:02 AM
by Eldon B. Tucker


>It is my considered opinion that you take, from
>theosophical writers, that which you can use, that which helps
>you to become a more spiritually fulfilled human being. That's
>my compeletely subjective yardstick. Does it further my

Yes, we take what we can use or assimilate from the theosophical
Teachings. But there is more there than we have the capacity to
partake of. And we don't just fill our plates once, but can come
back again and again for additional servings.

>Sometimes my sources aren't theosophical at all, but then they
>need to jive pretty closely with my theosophical belief system.

When we've made Theosophy a part of our lives, anything else that
we take in tends to be consistent with it, or have some way of
coexisting in harmony. Otherwise we create a discord in ourselves
that leads us to walk away from Theosophy, or to drop the other

There also comes a time where we don't just come to take bits and
pieces for ourselves, but where we are so filled with love and
appreciation of the wonders that we've been afforded that we are
driven to some form of creative sharing. That sharing is not one
of running out to win converts to our favorite theosophical writers,
it is rather more directly attempting to give concrete expression
to the feelings, insight, and sense of majest that we are filled with.

-- Eldon

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