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It began with Cayce

Sep 12, 1995 04:49 PM
by Jason


Yes, I definitely want to be here. I need a place where I can be open and
honest about some of what I believe. I was raised Roman Catholic. I
entered a Benedictine monastery when I was 19 and was a monk until I was
30. I later left the Catholic Church and became a Lutheran pastor. I
have no trouble believeing all the basics of Christianity. But, my
problem comes from the fact that I think there has to be more than what we

I've never been able to accept the idea that tragedy is "the will of God"
or that everything that happens is "part of God's plan". While I can't
say that I definitely believe in the concepts, the idea of reincatination
and karma make a lot more sense to me. I find it much more acceptable to
see that tragic life circumstances were chosen for karmic reasons than to
see them as the whim of a loving God.

In addition, I had a very strange experience in my 20s. I had an aunt, by
marriage, who I absolutely detested. The lady was from Boston, so I had a
natural dislike for Boston. I was an Ohio boy and had never been to
Boston in my life. But, during my early monastic days, I was sent to
Boston to study theology. The day I arrived in town via bus, it was like
I was coming home. I couldn't believe the feeling of peace that
surrounded me once the bus was in the Back Bay area. At the time I had no
idea where I was. For the entire year I was there, there was there
tremendous sense of having been there before. I KNEW what was inside
building before I ever entered them.

At the time, I knew nothing of Cayce or any of this. But once I learned
about reincarnation, the whole Boston experience and feeling took on a new
meaning for me.

I can't talk about these things with my congregation or my Christian
friends because they would be shocked. So, I want to be here where I know
there will be openness to these ideas. And I want to explore them with

It's 11:47pm here now and I need to get to bed. I've got an early day
tomorrow and need some sleep. But, I wanted to write, to introduce
myself, and to get the ball rolling for whatever discussion might come out
of my participation in this group.


> Do YOU want to be here? That is the question, and if you do, then I and
> many others are eager and happy to welcome you. Tell us about you, if
> you like -- what brought you to the board, what you are interested in
> now?
> Rich

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