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Sep 12, 1995 11:52 PM
by dhedrick

I know you thought I was leaving and a moment of relief
came to you. But verily I say that the heat is turning up.

Is there any writings that you consider authoritative
regarding the end times? Or is there an absence of this
topic from theosophic writings?

I bring the subject up because I was pondering the
concept of darkness and was curious if there was an

The simularity I am looking for is the difference between
Christ and the Anti-Christ.

Matthew 24:5-51 declares there is a time coming when the world
will be destroyed and that great tribulations will occur and
that the anti-christ will setup his throne in Jerusalem.

I realize that the tendencies on this list will cause some to
immediately cry HOAX, or at least fall into simple denial.

What do HP Blavatsky, JJ Hurtak, and JFC Fuller have to say
about Matthew 24:5-51?

There is certainly evidence to the fulfillment of many
end-times prophecies recorded in the bible.

SmartCards (Get your Mark)
Embedded Micro-chips
Infra-red tatoos
World Order
One currrency
1000% Increase in 100yrs of the number of destructive
#1 cause of Black Teenager death is Murder.
90,000 AIDS cases recorded in 1994.
Millions of babies mudered every year.
Epidemic Chaos rules our planet.
The END is near. Heaven & Earth will
pass away...

Where will your peace come from?

Some real bad kharma goin on here.

What does Theosophy do with DOOMSDAY?

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