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Re: Psychism

Sep 07, 1995 00:59 AM
by Aprioripa

>If ANYONE has this article (Jerry H-E??) please start posting it, we need to
>hear HPB distinguish psychic from higher mental in a BIG way.

 Higher psychism is the faculties of the higher self (Soul and the
Monad), and lower psychism is the faculties of the personality (physical,
emotional and mental senses). These lower faculties can be used for good or
bad. When one is pure, of good character and pursuing a path of meditation
and service then the higher faculties become available and control the lower
one's for use in good. Dangers arise when the lower (which most animals have
to some degree) are focussed on without the requisite purity and good values
-- and with the right purity and values all faculties unfold naturally if and
as needed for the good work. Being psychic or not in the lower sense says
nothing about a person's spirituality and advanced souls may or may not use
these faculties during an incarnation.
 I believe that this issue has arisen today because of the increased
etheric resonance of humanity and the recapitulatory prevalence of etheric
vision. This in and of itself can be used for good or bad but certainly we
can hope that good will come and work for this.


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