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Re: Channelling ...

Sep 07, 1995 00:59 AM
by Aprioripa

Below are some quotes from previous posts about channelling.


"According to the research I have done a "channelled" writting can actually
from many different types of sources -- some good but some intent on
deception. The criteria to determine this seems to be whether or not the
so-called channeller is conscious or unconscious. If the person is conscious
(awake with eyes open) then it generally would be good. If the channeller is
unconscious (eyes-closed) with some entity using the body then definitely not
good (despite apparent good information). I believe that truth itself is its
own authority (in the Gospels and in the Bhagavad Gita there is enough for
many lives) and any spiritual truth can be demonstrated as such through
practical living by each of us."

 " In each of us there is a higher spiritual self (the Christ
consciousness, Divine Angel, etc.) and, accordingly, our spiritual evolution
is to come closer and eventually be one with that higher self in full
consciousness. The unconscious rendering of our bodies for the use of other
entities separates us from this spiritual evolution -- this is the reason
that so-called possession is a bad thing. "

 "Any true spiritual being, living on spiritual planes, communicates with
us through our spiritual self in full consciousness. The use of someone's
unconscious body by another entity is always being done on some lower level
and thus (although those involved may believe that they are doing the right
thing) there is no access by the person to spiritual information. Also,
unconscious body possession sets up a very unhealthy chemical vibration in
the brain cells which usually leads to some form of debility. "

 "The maxim says "The eyes are the window to the soul", and someone who
refuses to make eye-contact should not be trusted -- this is as universal and
as old a truth as there is. If someone wants to charge you money to give you
spiritual information and then avoids looking at you then hmmm....."

 "I belief that truth itself is its own authority (regardless of the
source) and I know of no greater truths (from any source) than those already
given in the Gospels and in the Bhaghavad Gita. What we need to do now is
apply and live these truths."

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