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Re: Channelling ...

Sep 07, 1995 06:25 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

> >In message <>
> writes:
> Bee:

> I do agree with what has
> been said that one has to remain detached and as pure as it is possible to
> be, to avoid the risks that HPB outlines so well in Isis Unveiled. It has
> given me food for thought and I have stepped back a bit to reevaluate the
> situation. I have been told that my higher self is the relay station, so to
> speak, through which the channelling takes place. If it comes from the
> personality then it soon gets 'silly'. The hows and wheres have been
> explained to me and it makes sense so when the need arises, I respond.
> Greetings,
> Bee.

That's how I would put it, too. BTW, it seems that some of the
contacts are themselves "relay stations" in [say] a kind of
objective 'mental plane' - but that is my *subjective*
interpretation! :-)

Just keep the work going, when it is needed, and leve it alone
when it isn't seems to be the best approach in my experience.

Enjoy it!


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