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Sep 07, 1995 01:28 AM
by dhedrick

I tried to send this earlier but it kicked back.
So theos will get this for you. Although I sent
a few other messgaes to this list earlier this morning.

Dunno where day be?

>Subject: Re: Evangelism and dogmatism
>>Your tone of writing is demeaning and shows a complete lack
>>of understanding of what True Christendom is.
>What is true?
>>Remember that Christ spoke to the masses in parables and allegories,
>>so taking his words literally is contradictory to what Christ Himself
>>(and St. Paul) says. Also, if you have any bit of commonsense left in you,
>>you would start to critically think over some ideas stated in the Bible,
>>which, BTW is a selection of texts only, and probably not the best selection
>>too! (and also has been tampered with..)
>I posted a complete write up this morning on the history of the bible,
>yet it has not appeared on theos.
>>One example: you refer to the genealogy in the Bible; taking this
>>literally leads to the preposterous conclusion that our earth was created
>>an odd 6,000 years ago, a conclusion that has been clearly refuted
>>by science long ago. Deny the facts of science and you will be declared
>>pathetic, or, a dogmatic pur sang, a blinded man.
>>BTW, the genealogy of the Bible is an emblem for certain cycles of nature
>>and more..(see Isis Unveiled II, HP Blavatsky).
>If you take the time to study recent happenings of Mt. St. Helen,
>I think you would be surprised. Evolution on a macro devlopment
>scale in unproveable. As to geneologies...the names represented
>prove actual people,places and times.
>>You seem to know nothing
>>of the history of Christianity and the fabrication of the dogmas
>>of the several churches. In one word: you show complete IGNORANCE
>>of the background of your own religion!
>I am very aware that Religion will send you to Hell, but a
>relationship with Jesus reaps Heaven.
>>Willfully closing your eyes and shutting your ears for sincere opinions
>>of others is a SIN against the Holy Ghost.
>You do not know the Holy Ghost. You can see where He has been,
>but you do not know where He is going.

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