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Friendship and fellowship

Aug 10, 1995 07:11 PM

Hi everyone,

I've noticed the volume is down a bit on this list this week.
Probably because we are all too tied up in living our day to day
illusions, so I thought I'd just say hi to everyone. Projects on
my desk (the important ones) all got pushed aside for the past
few days, as my boss came up with work(real) for me. Since he
signs the paycheck,...

In reading SD again, I am amazed at the new levels of insight
that emerge. I have started reading the Proem again, and find
that my earlier conversations with Brenda may be inadequate. To
begin with, I finally inderstand what HPB said when she spoke of
the "unthinkable and unspeakable" principle that was/is the
creative force, the creative idea, etc. Simply, HPB said that
the human mind is incabable of thinking or speaking adequately of
the idea we try to encompass in words like God, the logos, the
causeless cause, etc. There is not meant to be a mystery here.
The human mind is simply incapable of thinking infinity or
speaking infinity. How wonderful that she wrote in such a manner
that her deriders could take up the mystery of assuming she meant
other meanings for these words, like "morally wrong to think
about" or morally wrong to speak about." Her detracters could
still build a mystery school around the creator, and pick up that
part of the teachings they desired. Yet, when viewed in this
light, her teachings make a lot more sense. She did no harm to
the belief systems of anyone who didn't understand, yet helped
those who would take the time and energy toa find new levels of

Look for more on this topic. Also, any comments would be
appreciated. Kieth writes about light. I admire kieth for
daring to learn more about areas where he acknowledges a lack of
formal training. I believe his intuition is serving him well.
Light can transmit much information. Our scientists use light to
create holographic images in the air. Plants, dependant on light
for photosynthesis, only use certain frequencies of light.
Indeed, it is possible to determine the frequencies of light
absobed by the chloroplasts of plants, and to document species
specific differences. (all plants are not competeing for the
same energy...) Homeopathic theorists tell us that the benefit
from homoepathic remedies arise from the frequency signiture of
each substance used in the remedies. They suggest that water can
carry these frequency signatures, perhaps within oscillations of
the hydrogen bond angles. We have all heard that certain UV
frequencies of light "cause" skin cancer, a disease that may be
viewed as a new growth with its own identity.

Light, however, does seem to have a speed limit when viewed as a
particle, and doesn't seem to move when viewed as a waveform.
Some esoteric phenomenon seem to violate the speed limit. How?
There is a classical thought expeeriment in physics, where a pair
of electrons is identified, and seperated. the two electrons
each have a property called spin, and electron pairs have spin in
opposite directions. In the thought experiment, the electrons
are seperated by millions of miles, and the spin of one electron
is changed. There is evidence to suggest the spin of the other
changes instanteoously. I view this experiment as a
demonstration that information may be exchanged instanteuosly in
some situations. It takes only a little imagination to believe
that the monad has this capability. Hence, for out of body
experiences, extrasensory pereception, telekinesis, etc, one has
only to suggest that these events reflect communication by a
method other than seeing, hearing, touch, taste, or smell. It is
not necessary to deny the existence of faster methods of
communications simply because our physicists haven't studied
them,( and now you can see that they have...)

Light is fast, and as Sprint would have us believe, very
versatile in transmitting sound and data. Quantum physics
suggest there are faster methods of communication. I am inclined
to believe that other forces were at work in the creation of
human life on planet earth than just light. It is enough for me
to find that my monad exists on this planet in this society, in
this home, etc, at this time. The SD teachings on the fate of
the monad encourage me in a very practical way. There is hope
for a true fellowship of mankind, as long as all monads are on
the path toward reunion with the creative principle.

I tend to accept the idea that light was the vehicle for
transmission of the initial information for cosmogenesis. I
would not limit its role in the universe to that, however.
Further, I would doubt that it is the only method of information
transfer. As I read the SD, and the creation account in Genesis,
for that matter, Light seems to be the mediator between the
thought and the creation.

I would ask that we all take a moment to meditate on the fiftieth
anniversary of the "Atomic Age." Pray that our political leaders
have enough insight to avoid a need for the use of nuclear
weapons in the future. Pray that our individual efforts to
achieve a fellowship of men may advance the progression of all
monads along the path.

Any comments or thoughts would be appreciated.

Here on the Ponderosa, my wife and I are getting ready to head
out to do chores. There are times when I don't think the goats
milk is worth the effort, but the time with my wife sure is. I
look forward to hearing from you all.

Love and light, Fred

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