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Aug 11, 1995 08:03 AM
by Lewis Lucas

Fred wrote:

> ... We have all heard that certain UV frequencies of light
"cause" skin cancer, a disease that may be viewed as a new growth
with its own identity.

For some unknow reason I flashed on Star Trek's Prime Directive
and started musing over some episodes where they have discovered
some new form of life--one, for instance, that was eating the
metal hull of their ship. They always seem to find some creative
way to rid themselves of it, but without destroying it. Maybe we
need to try to rid ourselves of the cancer growth without killing
it. Like find it a more suitable host.

> Light, however, does seem to have a speed limit when viewed as
a particle, and doesn't seem to move when viewed as a waveform.
Some esoteric phenomenon seem to violate the speed limit. How?
There is a classical thought expeeriment in physics, where a pair
of electrons is identified, and seperated. the two electrons
each have a property called spin, and electron pairs have spin in
opposite directions. In the thought experiment, the electrons
are seperated by millions of miles, and the spin of one electron
is changed. There is evidence to suggest the spin of the other
changes instanteoously. I view this experiment as a
demonstration that information may be exchanged instanteuosly in
some situations.

This reminds me of the Ken Keyes book The Hundreth Monkey. Have
you heard of it? It relates another experiemnet that seems to
demonstrate that information may be exchanged instantenously.


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