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God is NOT light

Aug 12, 1995 10:56 AM
by Keith Price

TO FRED: Where is your ranch? I think it would be nice to live
away from the urban scene, but it must be hot. No?

TO LUCAS: I am reading Ken Wilber again and he makes the strong
point that their is an underlying unity, but that what we are
forced to deal with are the seven levels because that is the way
our systems work. We have a eye of the flesh to see physical
data (science). We have the eye of the mind for rational
analysis (philosophy) and an eye of intuition (religion,
mysticism, esthetics etc.) We cannot collapse God into the the
subatomic realm or just the physical senses as ruled by science.

Thus if the universe is limited by the speed of light. God could
not know what was going on in distant galaxies because HE/SHE
would have to wait for light to get to It (hereafter He). Either
God or DIvine Consciousness is beyond light or He is an absurd
concept or He is absent or He is beyond rational analysis.

Blavatsky seems to deny the existence of a Jehovah type God at
every term, Principles such as Motion and Space seem to be
primary, but it is unclear how these could be "conscious".

Of course it is unclear how light could be conscious. It isn't
so much matter or systems that seem to be so amazing, but knowing
and knowing you know and acting on knowing that seems to make us
in the image of God an thus to be always looking for Him.

And yes I have heard from scientists friends again and again that
if you look at the biological systems you can never believe in
"chance" as the cause of evolution, it is just impossible as
saying "I don't think". In closing, it is kind of sad that we at
the of this century still havent managed to pull the strings of
science and religion together enought to move forward with
rational confidence (see Foetuses in the Freezer).


Keith Price

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