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Re: Let There be Light

Aug 11, 1995 07:38 AM
by Lewis Lucas


Ok, now I'm with you.

> Lucas asks where am I going with this Light discussion?

> Well, I guess the original point was did life emerge on earth
ex nihlo, out of nothing, or was it involuted or transmitted here
in a spiritual or physical way? In other words, should we take
modern evolution's idea that we emerged slowly out of the sludge,
and became complex through statistical probalities ( fat chance!)

The slow evolution of form that Darwin brought to our attention
was only half the story from what I get from HPB. The other half
is the "slow" evolution of consciousness.

My wife is taking an anatomy and physiology course at a local
college. One of the things which has impressed her in this class
is the magnatiude of the infinitesimal molecules which makeup the
cells of the body. She recently was telling me about the number
of iron particles in a single blood cell and how the blood
delivered oxygen from the lungs to every portion of the body
needing it.

As complex as our physical vehicle is it is easy to imagine it
would take long periods of time to develop such an intricate and
delicate instrument. How much more so would be the case for
consciousnes which is even more complex?

> I offered ( out of left field) the idea that light or radiation
may play some part in the travel of INFORMATION as in over
internet etc. and thus DNA is a type of coded information and
thus can be encoded and transmitted at the speed of light and
thus life did not necessarrily emerge on earth, but we are aliens
spored here by advanced beings such as the LORDS OF VENUS ( is
this a blind?)

I don't think the Lords of Venus are a blind, but could be wrong.
Who knows? It doesn't seem so impossible or improbable that life
predates this planet and most likely the whole planetary system.
"Where did life begin?" is the blind. It is a question of the
finite mind, a point I think I first heard from Jung's work.

> Our physical bodies developed here, but according to the SD out
minds were gifted when we were ready and deserving by advanced
beings- Agniswattas - the Fire Born Minds.

I'm confused again. Here you seem to be accepting the idea of
advanced beings, while questioning the concept in your earlier

> People have noted that fire and light are symbolically similar.
And to skip to physics, light seems to have more than a few
"magic" or paradoxical properties, like a photon is a massless
particle, it travel lenght is 0 (like John Mead noted) it can be
viewed as a wave and particle. > In some sense, matter is frozen
energy with light as a limiting factor as in E=MC2.

> I am out of my depth here, but I am trying to think carefully
about what it means to travel spiritually as in OBE's and lucid
dreaming. Does our "soul" or spiritual body flutter out of our
bodies like a butterfly at the time of death? Probably not.
There is some type of liberation to another level of energy
usually referred to as an expansion of consciousnes. . And this
liberation may have something to do with light.

> Light seems to be some kind of perpetrator of maya also. It
glues and separates at the same time (another paradox). In other
words without it ( or the subatomic forces etc.) communication or
relationship would be impossible, but what it communicates is
that things are separate.

Cool! Hadn't thought of it this way before. Thanks for a new

> Isn't there a reference in the SD to this. That light is a
type of cover for the real spiritual entitiy, like the sun is the
cover for the hidden sun of the Solar Logos?

I, too, recall reading somewhere that the sun was but the outward
manifestation of a great consciousness. If consciousness stands
in some mathematical relation to luminosity, then we are in the
prescense of a grand consciousnes are we not?


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